Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass for Balcony Garden

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Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass for Balcony Garden

Artificial Grass Mat

Artificial Grass is the Latest Trend in India. Where we go, we see Synthetic Grass Carpet, whether it is office, Home or a shop. People are using it in their Balcony, Terrace, to make a Lawn, Entrance as a Floor Mat. Fake Lawn Grass is being used for many years football & Hockey Ground to replace Natural Grass.

  • Quick & Easy to Install- No need to wait- Instant result. Make a great 1st Impression as it gives a feel of Natural Grass
  • Water conservation. It doesn’t require watering so it helps in Conservation of a Lot of water which we would normally waste in maintaining our real grass. Grass Mat Remains Green All round Year. It is Eco-friendly, it’s budget-friendly, in a big way.
  • No Maintenance- saves your time, Long Lasting- saves you Money. No Mud, No Mowing
  • Non-allergenic. The Fake grass doesn’t grow. Pet Loves it.
    no weeding, No Patches
  • No harmful chemical residues. Synthetic Grass Mat doesn’t Need pesticides or fertilizers to remain Green & Beautiful and b
Artificial Grass
artificial Grass for Balcony Garden

Artificial Grass gives a Unique look to your Rooftop or Terrace floor as it add functionality & Charm. You can cut it & get it fitted as per you desire as a green space of a full lawn effect or just small part of area and escape from the concrete jungle & make your own personal Park feel.

The Artificial Grass Mat, if installed on rooftop or terrace, helps in reducing the temperature below Grass Carpet reduces longer exposure to direct sunlight . It also helps in protecting the roof from degrading which saves your time & money in repairs of roof and enhance the life of your terrace.

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